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Starlight Bio
                                                      Starlight Bio
Name: Starlight
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Function: Harbor Switcher
Alliance: Star Fleet
Bio: Starlight is an odd and sad case. Abandon when she was no more then a new born human baby, she was sent down a river in a basket to meet an uncertain fate. No one knows how long she drifted down the river nor how she survived when Ten Cents found her, still in her basket, on some rocks while delivering goods up river. Ten Cents didn't know much about humans nor meet that many but he knew that the baby would not survive much longer if left alone. Ten Cents placed the basket and baby onto his deck and once his duties were done headed back to Star Pier to show the oth
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The Stars Begin Ch. 1
The Stars Begin
Chapter 1: The Story Begins.
Peter Star was a veteran of the sea who had his fair shares of ups and downs. Right now he had just made home in Big City Ports in hopes of starting a tug fleet to help in towing with no luck. So far he only had Fang, a large white Tiger that can talk Human and walk on water, but Peter knew he need tugboats to help him and Fang. One day Peter was going through some paper when Fang enter his office.
"Hey, Peter, guess what?" Fang asked coming up to Peter.
"You learned to stop shedding?" Peter replied.
"Oh, ha, ha very funny but that is not why I'm here," Fang said, "I just got in touch with someone who is willing to sell us a Tugboat."
"Your kidding?"
"I am not," Fang said smiling, "I finished all the payments and papers and the tugboat should be here at one."
Peter looked at his watch and saw that it was almost one o'clock already.
"Well what are we waiting for?" Peter asked, "Let's go down to the pier and greet the newcomer."
"I must tell y
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The Star Fleet Ch. 1
The Star Fleet
                                     Chapter 1: The Human Tugboat.
Starlight was just your normal hard working Tugboat. Well 'normal' is not the best word to use for Starlight or calling her Tugboat non ales. You see in truth Starlight is a human girl who was found by Ten Cents as a baby and brought back to the other Star Fleet members. After some pleading from the Tugs Captain Star allowed the Tugs to raise the baby as their own and offered human food to the infant. As to how Starlight got her name well let just say she was like a star shining brightly in the night sky and so the Tugs came up with the name Starlight. Starlight grew with the love and protection of the Star Fleet.  When she was ten years old she was involved in an explosion involving some dynamite that Billy Shoep
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Custom Robos: Battle Royal.
Chapter 1: Birthday Gift.
Susan looked out of one of the windows of the family car as her dad drove her and her family to their new home.  Mom was up in front with dad as Susan sat in the back with her older brother Dameon. A moving truck with the bigger and heavier items followed behind the small blue car. The reason for the move was that Susan's Dad and brother were transferred to NeoBrain but since it is in a place called Midheart far from their home they had to move. Susan didn't mind much for her father and Dameon both study the improvement of custom robos and she had always dreamed of owning one especially one of the Ray series which was her favorite robos. Witch is why Susan left hints to her family that she wanted one for some time but so far nothing worked. Custom Robos were little robots that were able to think for themselves and personality just like the people that own them. The robo and owner are able to merge their minds and become one for a common purpose such
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Digimon Dusk
This story is based upon Digimon World Dusk. I don't Digimon or any of the games.
Digimon Dusk
Chapter 1: In comes the hero.
Dusk was just an average ten year old girl. She was 5'10 wearing black ands purple clothing with a purple bandana and long purplish hair. Yep she was just a normal girl, well not really normal. In truth she lives in the Digital World where creatures known as Digimon live but only in the city known Darkmooncity. Darkmooncity works along side Sunshinecity under an organization simply known as the Union. And today was a great day for Dusk for she was going to become a Tamer and get her first Digimon witch is what she always wanted to be since arriving in Darkmooncity.
"Phascomon I'm off to become a Tamer," Dusk called.
Phascomon is a naive digimon, a digimon assigned to a person to look after a persons Tamer Home.
"Well, good luck, I can't wait to see what kind of digimon you get as your partner digimon," Phascomon said from his computer.
Dusk climb down the ladder
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SD Gundam Force: My Version 4
Kiko was enjoy very boring weekend at her house. Ever since she met a gundam named Captain she formed a secret life as Witcho, a female gundam who fights along side Captain against an evil group known as the Dark Axis. Kiko learned that her father was the leader of the organization that Captain works for. She never told her father that she was Witcho for she knew that she would be in a lot of trouble for it. But that is not the point. Kiko was bored for she had to do, no one to play with, and Dark Axis had not shown up since the last battle three days ago when she and Captain met Zero. Kiko sighed wishing something anything to cure her boredom on this day. As if hearing her plea her locket beeped. Kiko rushed to pick it and transform before answering. It was Juli from Blanc base.
"This is Witcho what's up?" She asked.
"Witcho we just detected Dark axis activity near the lake toward the west," Juli responded, "Captain has already been sent but he is going to need your help."
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SD Gundam Force: My Version 3
On the outskirt of Neotopia something was up. In the forest everything was turned to stone. A lone figure walked within the forest and stopped as he knelt to pick up a bird frozen in mid flight. He gave a sigh as he looked up at his surrounding.
Kiko was at home doing her homework outside. Her mother was grading some test as Ben was in a roller next to her. Her father was going over the newspaper that came that morning. Kiko looked up from her homework at looked up at her father. She had not her father, who was a leader of the SDG, that she was Witcho. Kiko knew if she did Mr. Laken would forbid her to fight against the Dark Axis. Just then Mr. Laken cell phone rang and he picked it up and looked at it. He then got up and walked to the far end of the porch before answering.
"Yes……. Get Captain and Witcho on it."
Just then something started beeping in Kiko's bag.
"Mom I'm going to my room to finish my homework," then ran off to her room. Once inside her room s
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SD Gundam Force: My version 2
Kiko was in school but wasn't concentrated on school work. Her mind was on what happened last night. She wondered where Captain was and what he was doing.
"Kiko…..KIKO!!" Mrs. Hetrect shouted.
"Yes ma'am" Kiko said as she stood up.
"It's bad enough that you are late for school everyday so the least you can do is pay attention," Mrs. Hetrect said sternly.
"Yes ma'am," Kiko said and sat down as the other classmates snickered.
Captain was at HQ delivering his report to his commander.
"And once we had defeated them we separated and Witcho took off," Captain ended.
"I see so it was upon the arrival of this female gundam Witcho that your Soul Drive activated and you two were able to merge," Commander Laken said.
The commander was rough built man with broad shoulders. He had black hair and a mustache.
"That is right sir," Captain confirmed.
The commander was deep in thought.
"If we are going study this new ability and fight the Dark Axis we need to find Witcho but
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SD Gundam Force: My version
Chapter 1
"I'm late I'm so late," Kiko yelled as she raced to school.
Kiko was an eight year old girl with black hair. She was in elementary school but was always late to get there before the first bell. So she was hurrying to get there so she won't get in trouble again. So she was cutting across a field to get to school faster. Just then purple spheres gathered in spot in the air and a golden gate with teeth and horns appeared. Kiko stopped in her tracks fixated on it as a red ship came out of it and landed. A hatched opened and a large red robot followed by a group of smaller green robots. It was clear that the red robot was not happy with where he was.
"Alright who was in control of the driving and landing," the red robot said as he turned to face those who followed him. One of them raised his hand and was grabbed by what must be the commander.
"Does this look like the city we are suppose to attack," He asked.
"Hey no one attacks my city," Kiko said before the grunt could respond.
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Ch. 2
                                                          Chapter 2: A Strange Dream
Darkrai didn't know what to make of the vision he just saw but he did know that it happen when Eevee touched him. He decided it was best not to think too much on it so he went to bed and started to dream.  The dream was colorful and peaceful but he had a sense that he wasn't alone that someone was with him and trying talk to him but he just couldn't make out what was being said. Then he heard a familiar voice calling out to him.
"Darkrai, Darkrai come on wake up,"
Darkrai opened his eye and saw that it was Skitty with Eevee behind her.
"Finally your awake," Skitty said, "Come on its morning and we better get
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Darksiders- Hellstrum by rebelbot Darksiders- Hellstrum :iconrebelbot:rebelbot 2 0
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Ch. 1
This story is inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series and will include both the storyline of the first PMD and the second PMD as well as new explorer of the sky one. I do not own Pokemon or any of the games. Enjoy.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
           Chapter 1: Arrival of a New Face
The storm was rough last but it past over letting the sun raise over the small town of Treasure Town. On the outskirt of town at Sharpedo's Bluff a small female Skitty walked out of a bush and shacked off the water on her fur.
"Today the day I just know it," she said to herself.
Skitty ran off toward town but that wasn't her true detestation for it was behind Treasure Town at the famous Wigglytuff's Guilds that Skitty was heading to. She was hoping to sign up to become an explorer at the guild. Once passing through Treasure Town Skitty had reached the Crossroads and now she just need to go left and up a hill to get to Wigglytuff's Guild. But now that
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Digimion World Ch. 2
Chapter 2: Digi-Central
Annie was trying to contain her excitement as she headed to Digi-Central with her new found friends. Her friends being of course the rumored Digimon that lived inside your computer and fight along side humans. This was why she was excited since she got to meet them in person.
"Here is the warp panel." The angle Digimon spoke up.
"Warp panel?' Annie asked.
"A warp panel is a special panel that connects this digi-area to Digi-Central," The angle Digimon explains pointing to a greenish panel on the ground beside him, "But in order to work the warp panel you must of the address of Digi-Central, this digi-area, or any other digi-area in the digital world."
"Oh okay, I get it." Annie said nodding.
"Good then let's go."
They all took turns getting on the panel until it was Annie's turn. She took a deep breath stepped onto the panel and before she knew it the wilderness around her was replace steel walls.
"This must be Digi-Central."   She thought.
"Hey t
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Digimon World
This story was inspired by the game Digimon World Ds. I would like to say that I do not own Digimon or any games of it nor did I create it. The only thing I do own is this story and the main female character that is base off of the game I mentioned earlier as well as any other characters I create in this story. That is all.
        Chapter 1: Portal
Annie was just a typical 10 year old girl. Every day she would wear the same set of cloth that consists of white sneakers, light blue jeans, and a yellow shirt.  She was about 4”2 and had light orange hair. Right now she was at lunch in her school enjoying a meal made by her mom.
“I heard that another computer monster has been sighted,” a young boy behind her.
This statement got the attention of Annie. It wasn’t the first time she had heard about these computer monsters. Rumors have been going around about monsters that live inside computers. They say that the monsters wo
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Fang by rebelbot Fang :iconrebelbot:rebelbot 1 0 Luna by rebelbot Luna :iconrebelbot:rebelbot 0 0


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Earlier today my mom took our dog Sapphire, a Bichon Frise, to the vet for a check up when she had what seem to be a bad seizure. We don't know what caused it but now she staying at the vet so they can monitor her. There is a good chance that we may have to put her down due to it.


Sara Power
United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime
Personal Quote: Always look on the postive side of life.



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